Customer Portal Login Guide

This article will outline how your customers will login to their Customer Portal for the first time.

  1. Your customers will receive the invitation below. The email address the invitation is sent to will be their username. To access their Customer Portal they must first click on the green “Get Started” button.

Customer Portal 2-1

For instructions on inviting your customers see the article: Setting Up the Customer Portal

2. Next they will be prompted to login. Since it is their first time logging in they must reset their password. They can do this by clicking “Forgot Password”

customer portal login1

3. A Reset Password email will be sent. They must click “Click here to reset your password”

customer portal login3

4. Next they must create a password that meets our requirements.

customer portal login4

Once they do they will see the following message:

customer portal login5

5. After clicking “Sign In” they will be brought back to the login page. Their account is setup and they can now sign into their Customer Portal.

customer portal login6-1