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How can I create a scheduling Invoice reminder/s?

  1. Navigate to the Invoice Reminders tab on the menu bar


2. Choose the Customer Group you want to create a schedule for. You can do this by using the drop-down menu at the top right-hand side of the screen. You can choose “All Customers” if you want all of your clients to receive the same reminders.

Or you can create a new Customer Group. For further instructions on this see: How to Add/Update a Customer Group



3. Using the drag and drop menu select the type of reminder you want to schedule.

Those dropped in the green box will go out before the invoice is due, and those in the red box will go out when invoices are past due.


Drag and Drop

4. Once you add the type of reminder you can either use the default text or edit your template to suit your needs. To edit the template click the blue "Edit Template" button. If you do not want to edit the template click "Update Action."

edit template button

5. After adding a new reminder it will show in your Reminder Schedule.



6. Once you are satisfied with the reminders you have scheduled be sure to go over your Reminder Settings. For further information on Reminder, Settings see the article: Invoice Reminders Settings.

If further instructions are needed please see the following video: Customizing Your Invoice Reminder Schedule.