How to set-up Automatic Payments

Creating Automatic Payment Rules

This article will outline how to create Automatic Payment Rules. These are necessary in order to enroll your customers in Automatic Payments. This article will review the five different types of rules you can create and how to create them.

1. Navigate to Automatic Payments Settings. It is the second tab in Automatic Payments and is located at the top left hand side of the screen. See below:

Automatic Settings

You will be brought to the page below:

Autopay rule setup-5

2. Choose what day you want invoices to be charged. To do this you will use the drop down menu shown above. Please note: all invoices in automatic payments must follow the same rule, you cannot create different charge dates for different customers.

3. Next you must choose what type of rule you want to create. There are five different types of rules you can choose:

All Invoices: This option will charge all open invoices for customers whose stored payment methods you have on file. To choose the rule click the option below

All Invoices

Specific Customers/Customer Groups/Invoices: These options are all set-up in the same way. The difference between them is who you would like to create the rule for. You can create a rule for an individual customer, a customer group or an individual invoice. To create a rule for any of the groups first click the option below:

All Invoices-1

And then click the green "Add New Rule" button:

customers rule-2

Using the drop down menu choose what type of rule you want to create (Customer, Customer Group or Invoice). Next type who you want the rule for. For example: if it is for a Customer Group, search the group name.

customers rule-1

Once you click "Save Rule" your rule will be created. All of your rules will be displayed in "Automatic Payment Settings." See below:

customers rule-3

The final rule is for invoices marked Recurring in your Accounting Platform. In order for this rule to work there must be a line item that marks the invoice as "recurring" or as "autopay" (it must be spelled exactly like this to work, with no capitals). These invoices will be recognized as Automatic Payments after your first sync. To select this rule choose the option below:

customers rule-4

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