This article will provide a brief overview of the different settings tabs.

Company Information

In this tab, you can add your logo

Company Information 1

And update your companies contact information.

Company Information 2

Account Settings

In this tab you will set your currency and timezone. It is important that these settings are correct as it will effect when your reminders are sent as well as your default currency.

Account Settings


User Management

In this tab you can add other users from your company. To do this click the green “Add User” button. You can add multiple users, and choose whether or not to grant them admin status.

User Management 2


Plans & Billings

In this tab you will select your monthly subscription to InvoiceSherpa. The package you choose is based off of how many invoices you process. For example if you currently have 200 open invoices you would select the "Small Business" subscription.

Plans & Billing (3)

You can also update your credit card information in this tab. This is the credit card your monthly subscription will be billed to.

Plans & Billing (2)

For further information about updating your billing information see the article How To Update Your InvoiceSherpa Account's Payment Information.

Payment Settings

This subsection has the most settings. Please be sure to complete this tab to ensure your payments are properly processed.

For a breakdown of each setting please reference Payment Settings

Payment Settings

Payment Accounts

Here you can choose what account you want funds posted to in your accounting platform. You can choose multiple accounts/currencies.

Note: this feature does not relate to payment processing, but payment posting. InvoiceSherpa does not handle money or transfer money to your bank account. Posting a payment to the accounting platform only means that the system records the payment operation in the accounting platform, so the accounting platform can automatically mark the invoice as paid (if need be).

Payment Accounts

Payment Integration

In order to collect payments you must connect a Payment Processor. To do this click “Connect” and then enter your unique credentials. Your payment processor is what allows you to get paid. 

For further information see Turning on a payment gateway in InvoiceSherpa

Payment Integration

An account can use multiple Payment Processors. If multiple are used whatever processor was most recently connected will default to the Primary Processor and therefore will be the one that will be used for future payments. The exception to this is if a customers Stored Payment Methods were tokenized and saved using the other processor.

If you want to change your priority connection, you can do so under Payment Integration. Use the drop-down menu to select which processor you would like to prioritize.


Payment Processor Priority


Accounting Connection

You can disconnect from your Accounting Platform on this tab. Please note: if you disconnect from your Accounting Platform nothing will sync.

Accounting Connection


For further information on Settings see the following video: Customizing Your Account Settings.